What’s it all about?

Ahvaland is a small printing studio on the Åland Islands run by graphic designer Edward Johansson. Focus is manual&tangible, work with what you love, try to become a good person and meet like minded.



So far this year...

AADK residency, update

Looking at improving map making techniques, here contour lines in QGIS from GMTED2010 dataset .


AADK Residency,
open studios (26 jan)

For the open studios, we created an installation for visitors to interact with. Each person picked their favourite spot, placed it on the map and wrote a brief motivation.


poster design, ÅSKF

Graphic design for Åland’s crafts association.


Some of the thinking and doing from 2018.

CAPB8587 (1).JPG

Non-toxic printing

In October we travelled to Capileira, Spain to take part in a workshop for non toxic alternatives in Intaglio printing. Run by Danish printmaker, Henrik Bøegh at Grafisk Eksperimentarium.


B7 symposium, Rügen

Collaboration with Minna Öberg on the theme ‘Out of the Comfort Zone’ at the B7 Art symposium and Exhibition in Orangerie Putbus, May 24 to July 7, 2018


art garden 2018

Organised by Ollas in Lumparby. Exhibition featuring Ahvaland, Johan Karlsson, Tanja Spormann-Karlsson, Minna Öberg, Hanna Wiik_Rosenqvist.


Letterpress workers 2018

Fantastic as always, Letterpress Workers goes from strength to strength. Leoncavallo is the perfect place and people that travel to print just have to be nice.

IMG_E1182 (1).JPG

THE art of picnic

Collaborative project with Ida Sondell for Nordic Letterpress/Codex Polaris. A guide for every day adventure. Selected for Codex 2019 in San Francisco.

IMG_0137 (1).JPG

intaglio workshop

Workshop with Italian printmaker Vincenzo Burlizzi, intended, planned and organised but not realised due to insufficient attendees.

IMG_0088 (1).JPG

The cut poster

Wanted: green stencil font on black paper. Mmh yes but why not cut it out?